Hey everyone! My name is Caitlin, but you can call me CC, and I am a freshly graduated young designer ready to make her stamp. I consider myself a multidisciplinary designer, having a deep love for brand identity briefs, but also an enthusiastic approach to any project thrown my way. I am driven to create change through visual methods, whatever that change may be.
Some of my favourite work to date consists of tackling the voting system, fighting for safer streets, and working on turning my love for witchcraft and divination into a business / blog. My work boasts a variety of styles, approaches, ideas and problem solving skills, and my ability to adapt to your needs is something I pride myself on.
I am all about YOU, your business, your needs, and your desires. Get in touch for a chat or speak to me about a potential project. I'd love to grab a coffee either way, and maybe you'll even get a mini tarot session from yours truly. 
Also, does it bother anyone else that the typefaces of these two phone boxes are different?
Relevant Experience:
- Degree in Graphic Design BA(Hons) from Falmouth University
- BTEC in Visual Communications from Warwickshire College, Royal Leamington Spa
Online Internship in Business, Operations, and Marketing with Bright Network

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